Aperitivo alla Veneziana

Italian tradition of predinner drink. With Art.

Aperitivo alla Veneziana is much more than a simply happy hour, it’s a typical after work / after university meeting with free buffet and a lot of people.Derived from the Latin aperitivus, to open, aperitivo is meant to stimulate the appetite and tease the taste buds, previewing the delights of dinner.It varies but the basic formula is: you order something to drink , then you go to the buffet and take your food, all you can eat style. Aperitivo alla Veneziana is a moment of relaxation at the end of a day at work, where you can allow yourself the pleasure of conversation paired with the pleasure of good food in a true homey Italian atmosphere . La Dolce Berlin opens his doors once a week at around 18:30 /19:00 until 21.30 for you to enjoy a real  Aperitivo alla Veneziana .