Invisible Endings Are Beginnings

La Dolce Berlin is pleased to host on Saturday August 3rd  6 PM – 10 PM

Invisible Endings Are Beginnings

a solo exhibition by Mary Bluestocking (USA)


Invisible Endings Are Beginnings features an assortment of short term and long term drawing projects by Mary Bluestocking. Themes of time and timelessness permeate, as does those of conflict or material struggles. Some works are explicitly narrative while others are only sequential. This exhibition will be the first time Bluestocking has exhibited in Europe. Originally from New York, Mary immigrated to Europe in 2015 and has been based in Berlin for a number of years now. Here in Europe, Bluestocking has been exploring new cultures and foreign politics, pursuing her myriad experiments in living and meanwhile keeping her studio work to herself. This exhibition comes on the occasion of Bluestocking choosing to leave Berlin for good in order to pursue a master’s in International Migration and Ethnic Relations at Malmö University, Sweden. There she aims to deepen her understanding and perspective on many of the same themes which inspire her art.


Mary Bluestocking

Mary’s a bit of a storyteller, she sketches things out. Enthralled by dreams and perception, she tells stories of flawed or tragic human relationships and general human folly. Her subject matter archs from the personal to the allegorical, her stories convey a mix of playfulness, black humor, grief and a feeling for the numinous

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