Kammerspiel Theater : Stand Up Comedy with Eilidh Hodgson from the Edimburgh Fringe Festival

Kammerspiel Theater in Wedding with Eilidh Hodgson and many other comedians from Edinburgh Fringe Festival !


Art Aia La Dolce Berlin is pleased to welcome our new artist in residence Eilidh Hodgson who will be staying at our venue until the end of June.

Eilidh Hodgson is a painter, comedian and award-winning performance activist from Edinburgh, recently graduating from Central Saint Martins in London.
Drawing inspiration from artists such as Paula Rego, Grayson Perry, Kehinde Wiley and Rachel Maclean, her paintings are predominantly figurative, highly detailed and full of ambiguous narrative. During the last three years, her paintings have explored the topics of gender roles, queer identity, political dissatisfaction and Scottish independence.
Eilidh has also worked in comedy since the age of 16, and has been running a comedy club (Heroes at the Hive) during the Edinburgh Fringe for the last three years, which has become a cornerstone in British alternative comedy. In 2016, Eilidh and the ‘guerrilla comedy’ company Heroes of the Fringe won the Spirit of the Fringe award for the performance ‘Iraq Out and Loud’; a non-stop reading of the Chilcot Report (a full report of Britain’s involvement in the Iraq War), lasting a total of 12 and a half days without sleep. She made her debut performance with fellow artist/comedian Katherine Plumb (Central Saint Martins, Bad Art) with their show ‘Doo Wop Art Flop’ which “tremendously blurred the line between performance art and comedy” (Mark Dean Quinn, comedian). An updated performance of this show will be brought to La Dolce Berlin on the 18th June.

From the artist :
During my time in Berlin I will be working on a new series of portraits, which I hope to exhibit, but mostly I would love to open the space up to performers, to keep strengthening the bond between art and comedy. I am calling out to local performers to use the space, and hopefully to put some shows on during my stay.

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