” I ” . A photo exhibition by Yuka and Yuki.

La Dolce Berlin is pleased to introduce our new artists in residence .

Yuka Kato and Yuki Uchida.

Art Aia - La Dolce Berlin
Yuka Kato and Yuki Uchida. Artist in residence at Art Aia-La Dolce Berlin 2019

We are very glad to host Yuki and Yuka for a month residency at our space in Berlin during which the two artists will explore the nature and the people of the city in order to create a set of photographs to be presented during their final exhibition .

名称未設定 1

The exhibition is called “I” to synthesize the identity of each unique image as well as the artists point of view.

Yuka Kato is an artist photographer based in Japan. She explores nature  by photographing  in colors mainly bark of trees . She believes that nature is alive and that trees and stones , just like humans and animals have their own skin.

Her research expresses the power of nature : It´s beauty and it´s cruelty.

Here is an haiku from the artist : “Beauty is only skin-deep.”

Yuki Uchida is  a Japanese photographer based in Chiba on the Peninsula of Boso.

Her photographs are in black and white and her favorite subject are people.

She loves to capture the spontaneity and authenticity of the locals both in her hometown as well as here in Berlin.

She believes that people from the countryside even if kind of isolated are more spontaneous then people living in the big cities like Tokyo and she wants to  know their stories and showing them to the public trough out her photographs .

Here is an Haiku from Yuki Uchida : “When a part of the world keeps on dying, birth will continue.”

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