Au Dela. Photography and Installation by Laura Wnuk

La Dolce Berlin is pleased to invite you to our next Exhibition:

AU DELA by Laura Wnuk


Opening Friday November 9th , 6pm / 10 pm

Saturday November 10th , 2pm / 8 pm

Finissage Sunday November 11th, 2pm / 8 pm


Turkenstrasse 19

Berlin, Wedding

U6 Seestrase / Rehberge

the place is given to the dream.
Suspended, between imaginary and reality, the work is a series of photographs where the beauty of a certain emptiness takes place. Dreams and imagination reveal a concrete empty world where the spectator gets lost through the different materials used.
Inspired by different photographs of skies taken during the past three years, the first series Untitled tells us about a kind of unreality, of escape, through the movement and the discovery of hidden elements. The lightness reveals three other photos, more figurative; a space that wants to lose the spectator in a kind of unreal reality.
The second work VOYAGE VOYAGE is inspired by landscape. It is an installation that leads into a different space, between terrestrial and lunar. Fragmented images suggest a constellation of elements. Imagination is again very present. These components coexist and answer each other.

Born in 1990, Laura Wnuk is a French artist based in Berlin.
She collects elements which have been neglected or sometimes forgotten, and give those elements another means of existing, of circulating in the world. Mainly inspired by nature, she sees in it, a way to escape as much as to remember. A new world f being is created, behind elements that have been left aside.
From photographs to installation, her work is heteroclite. Like a loop; one element leads ceaselessly to another, from one thought to other. An endless chain.


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