Nomi-Cose-Citta’ Exhibition

La Dolce Berlin is pleased to announce our next Exhibition :

Nomi Cose Città
Friday, October the 12nd
18:00 – 22:00

Art Aia La Dolce Berlin
Turkenstraße 19 – Berlin Wedding

“Nomi Cose Città”: an exhibition born from the idea to combine two different visual art fields, illustration and photography, pushing them to their respective expressive extremes.
The pictures have been taken only in analogic mode by the Italian artist and fashion stylist Francesca Martorelli ( by using an Olympus Mju II camera, then digitalized and re-interpreted by the Italian illustrator Il Broccolo Volante (Link) through the only usage of a touch-pen and an App, directly on her Smartphone.
Their work tries to combine and mix two different styles and approach to art, making them coexist and blend in the same moment, in the same frame. The pictures bring us into a retro, vintage and warm world, while the illustrations remind us about the digital, social and mobile world we are living in, but — of course — with #nofilters.

The setting up for the exhibition of Francesca and Lara is a non-space where to experiment an ethereal jet-lag: it’s about a travel that goes from the Berliner Berlin to the Spanish Barcelona, to Copenhagen, to Torino. Francesca’s intent is more of voyeuristic nature, like a Peeping Tom who wanders around in the middle of a party holding a camera, stealing shots of the guests and eternalizing ephemeral situations. But this is her party and the guests are her closest friends. And it’s in this hedonistic framework that Lara’s creepy monsters take their place: a warped point of view that is hanging in the balance between vintage pictures and digital characters. Real guests and illustrated avatars are party’s mates where the displacement is both linear and vertical: you jump from city to city, from yesterday to now.


Francesca Martorelli
Instragram: @francescamartorelli_

Lara Orrico aka Il Broccolo Volante
Instagram: @ilbroccolovolante

Anthony Ouf

Mina Calissano
Instagram: @mina.mmc
[email protected]

Matthias Döhler aka Pencake
Instagram: @pencake_berlin

Tabitha Swanson

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