“Shadow people”. Works by Magdalena Piech and Ted Titus.June 15th , 16th & 17th

La Dolce Berlin is pleased to invite you to our next exhibition :

“Shadow People” . Drawings by Magdalena Piech and photographs by Ted Titus.


Opening : Friday June 15th – 18.00 h – 22.00 h

Saturday June 16th – 16.00 h – 21.00 h

Sunday  June 17th – 18.00 h – 22.00 h


Türkenstraße 19, 13349 Wedding-Berlin

Uban (U6) Seestr

A three day exhibition featuring a collection of work by Magdalena Piech (drawing) and Ted Titus (photography). The collaboration aims at finding the aesthetic link between drawing and photography while tackling the issue of which visual elements help us shape the perception of self and others.

In the case of Magdalena Piech’s work, the artists explores the emotional effects of the human form by manipulating found or self made photographic references. She then unifies them in a single drawing or arranges them in what looks like a random order. Although her subject matter often revolves around mental and physical vulnerability, the artist steers clear of giving away the context or the narrative behind her pictures, thus allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions about what and who is depicted.

Ted Titus on the other hand, approaches the human form in a more abstract way. The artist mechanically tempers with both his equipment and his subjects, instead of adhering to the traditional rules of photography. In his pictures the models are repeatedly: covered, wrapped and blurred until their natural shape as well as identity is completely obscured. The images become rich in monochromatic textures and fluid forms; at times revealing a suggestion of a limb or a head. This technical approach serves to convey feelings of uncertainty in perception and form.

Shadow People creates a space where photography imitates drawing and drawing, photography. The exhibition utilizes both abstract and representative approaches to meditate on issues of identity, uncertainty and individual perception.

My name is Ted Titus and I am a fine artist from California currently enrolled in HTK Berlin.
Ever since my first attempts in illustration, I realized I was more inclined towards abstract rather than representational aesthetic. This preference began to solidify after taking up photography where I started tampering with my image by wrapping the camera in plastic or the subjects in cloth. Currently inhabiting the realm of experimental photography my work is largely focused on the subject of disconnection from the human form. In order to obscure the original form, I often wrap and cover my models in opaque textured materials like cotton or felt. I then create a sparse setting to strengthen the disconnection between the figure and the space it occupies.

My name is Magdalena (Magda) and I am a fine artist born and raised in Poland, educated in Chicago and currently based in Berlin.
My interest in art begun at an early age and followed me throughout the years and all locations I lived in. Upon moving to Chicago, it became clear that that Art has been my strongest academic subject. My high school portfolio earned me a scholarship which allowed me to pursue further education in the School of the Art Institute in Chicago in their Bachelor of Fine Arts program. After graduating in 2012, I decided to move to Berlin, Germany where I earned a Master of Arts degree from Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule and dedicated my life as a full time artist.

Despite the conceptual and practical nature of my education, my work tends to be very hands on and analogue in its technical approach. Moreover, its content comes from a very emotional and subconscious place. Making attractive yet raw images has not only been a major constant but also a tool for bringing order into my life. My imagery often deals with deep rooted psychological fears such as but not limited to; various physical vulnerabilities, fear of abandonment, shame and guilt. In my current projects I often recycle found images from popular media like; films, music and fashion which carry similar emotional heaviness, in order to develop an authentic visual vocabulary.


School of the Art Institute in Chicago: SAIC
Class of 2012.
Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA)-Focus in Painting, Printmaking, Drawing and Natural Illustration.

University of Art and Design in Berlin: BTK
Class of 2015.
Master of Arts (MA)- Focus in Art and Design.


2018- AtelierAusstellung, solo show, Christinenstrasse Pop-up Gallery, Berlin
2017- Berlin Swamp Fest, group show, Zukunft am Ostkreuz, Berlin
2016 – No Love Lost, solo show, Mein Haus am See, Berlin.
2014 -Soft Opening, solo show, Boys Club Gallery, Berlin.
2012 – Bachelor of Fine Arts Undergraduate Exhibition, group show, The School of the Art Institute, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago.
2012 – Transformational Learning, group show, Brick Gallery, Chicago.
2011 – Electric Sunrise, group show, Rumble Arts, Chicago.
My name is Ted Titus and I am a fine artist from California currently enrolled in HTK Berlin.

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