Workshop : Word in Action . March 14-18. 2018


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La Dolce Berlin is pleased to offer a very interesting workshop for actors, performers, performance artists, singers and everyone who would like to explore the capacity of the human voice.



Word in Action


A Workshop by Paolo Asso and Carmela Sillitano

It is an acting workshop about verbal interaction, that is the use of  word in action within scenes, improvisations, dramaturgies. Through cold readings of short scenes and exercises of verbalization, the students acquire a better perception of the inner resonances, physical and emotional, of pronounced or heard words. The aim is that of overcoming the impact with the written word exploring its valences in the shared space of a real interaction, in the here and now of scene action, in order to enable the students to work in autonomy on a text, orienting themselves inside the dramatic structure and developing all of its expressive levels.

Within the workshop, the students will follow individually some parts of the auditory training of Tomatis Method, as a support of the work on voice and word. The auditory training, whose effects is immediately perceivable in the acting work, stimulates the awareness of the least perceived frequencies, letting emerge the unexplored vocal qualities, and opens to the contact with the scenic partner with increased directness, bypassing the obstacle of personal differences.


March 14th – March 18. 2018.
Classes will be every day from 10 am to 4 pm – Wednesday through Sunday.


Art Aia – La Dolce Berlin

Türkenstraße 19, 13349 Berlin, Wedding.


Please send cv and headshot to before January 15th, 2018.
The admitted participants will be notified via email by January 25th, 2018


-Participant for the Word in Action Workshop
200 euro (including VAT 19%)
(limited number up to 12 actors )


Giovanni (EN) +49 (0) 15 218465093
Francesca (DE)+ 49 (0) 15213198995




Trained at Civica Scuola d’Arte Drammatica “Paolo Grassi”, Milan, Paolo Asso has taught Acting in private workshops and schools, at La Sapienza University, Rome, at Scuola Nazionale di Cinema, Rome, at “Paolo Grassi” School, Milan, at Nordisk Institut for Scene og Studio (NISS), Oslo, at Accademia d’Arte Drammatica “Nico Pepe”, Udine, and at National Academy of Ljubljana (Slovenia). He is a teacher of Feldenkrais Method®. He published First Aid Handbook for Actors and Aspiring Actors and Thirty Film and Theatre Scenes. An Annotated Anthology for Actors, Screenwriters and Directors. He translated and edited several books on acting training, among which: Theatre Games by Clive Barker, Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio by Lee Strasberg, Impro by Keith Johnstone and Improvisation for the Theatre by Viola Spolin. He is co-founder and co-director of Metodifestival, international conference/workshop on acting techniques.



Carmela Sillitano has got her MA degree at Dipartimento di Storia dell’Arte e Spettacolo, La Sapienza Università, Rome, with a thesis entitled Voice Between the Theatre of Science and the Science of Theatre. While achieving a PHD in Digital Technologies for the Research on Performance, she had her training in Audio-Psycho-Phonology according to the Tomatis Method, and took her diploma with a research on the effects of the Tomatis Method on the artistic voice. The study, based on a wide case record, resulted in the article “The Effects of the Tomatis Method on the Artistic Voice”, published in The International Journal of Listening.She currently works with audio-psycho-phonology on practitioners in the field of voice.


È un workshop di recitazione dedicato all’interazione verbale, cioè all’uso delle parole in azione all’interno di scene, improvvisazioni, drammaturgie. Attraverso cold reading di brevi scene ed esercizi di verbalizzazione gli allievi acquistano una maggiore percezione delle risonanze interne, fisiche ed emotive, delle parole pronunciate e udite. Lo scopo è di superare l’impatto con la parola scritta esplorandone le valenze nello spazio condiviso dell’interazione reale, nel qui e ora dell’azione scenica, per mettere in grado gli allievi di lavorare autonomamente sul testo, orientandosi nella struttura drammatica e sviluppandone tutti i livelli espressivi.

All’interno del workshop, gli allievi seguiranno individualmente alcuni passaggi del training uditivo del Metodo Tomatis, a supporto del lavoro sulla voce e sulla parola. Il training uditivo, la cui ricaduta è immediatamente avvertibile nel lavoro di recitazione, stimola la consapevolezza delle frequenze meno percepite, facendo emergere le qualità vocali inesplorate, e apre al contatto con il partner scenico con maggiore immediatezza, aggirando l’ostacolo delle differenze personali.

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