The Drummer – Loudspeaker Concert for Concrète Music. May 6th at 20.30 pm

SCHEDULE UPDATE: Hey guys, due to the limited space in the gallery, we would like to make sure that everyone has a chance to have a good seat for the concert. This means that we have decided to perform the concert twice. It will be the same concert, merely done two times. The first performance will be at 7pm with the second being at 9pm.


Doors: 18:30

1st Concert: 19:00 sharp

2nd Concert: 21:00 sharp


La Dolce Berlin is pleased to introduce you to a concert by Andrew Simon Miller and Sebastian Peter on May 6th at 20.30 pm at our venue.

The Drummer – Loudspeaker Concert for Concrète Music


The Drummer’ is a conceptual project started in June last year by electro-acoustic composers Andrew Simon Miller and Sebastian Peter. Both spent a day recording the sounds of one particular drum-kit which would be the only sonic material to be used for composing during the project. The aim was to expose the different approaches to composition, sonic material and narrative employed by the composers. As a drummer himself, Miller’s compositions tend to focus on the physical and emotional aspects of playing the drums, which lay in contrast to Peter who as a non-drummer was concerned with the spectro-morphological and musical potential of the drum-kit’s sounds. Until now four compositions have been created within the scope of the project, which will be interpreted and spatialized live on a loudspeaker orchestra. In addition, Miller and Peter will also be presenting some additional works outside the scope of their current project.

First Half – The Drummer “…and then I saw light” – Sebastian Peter Throw Your Sticks Like A Thousand Stones Across A Body Of Still Water – Andrew Simon Miller Untitled #1 – Sebastian Peter As Sweat Falls From Your Nose And Your Body Begins To Uncontrollably Shake – Andrew Simon Miller

Pause (15 min)

Second Half – Additional Works Inside Out – Andrew Simon Miller The Trumpet Player – Sebastian Peter

Cost: 3 EU

Doors open at 20.00 pm.

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