Giovanni Morassutti

giovanni morassutti


Actor, Director and Trainer he studied acting and directing since he was a teenager approaching the work of the realist school of acting first with Susan Strasberg, then as an auditor at the Actors Studio in New York, as a student of Salem Ludwig at the HB studio and then with John Strasberg with whom now works as an assistant and coordinator for his Italian workshops . In America , Giovanni worked with Ellen Stewart founder of  La Mama e.t.c. , Ted Mornel, K.Wilce and Gus Van Saint.In Italy, after graduating from the National Film School in Rome directed by actor Giancarlo Giannini, he got cast in  several roles in theatre and film productions . Parallel to his work as an actor he has been teaching acting and he currently holds several workshops also on acting in english.  He recently worked as an assistant director of the playwright Harris W. Freedman and of Marco Calvani staging the work of Neil LaBute (Palme d’Or at Cannes) “Lovely Head”which was presented at the Festival of Two Worlds also in Spoleto. Among his last works he directed “Alone at Home” by Dino Buzzati with Lydia Biondi that was presented  in two languages at the Cherry Lane Theatre in New York city   .  He also runs a theatre space and artist residency (Art Aia-Creatives \ In\ Residence)  in the middle of the countryside of  Northern Italy where he occasionally teaches his seminars , hosts International Workshops and art residencies and where he likes to cook and drink good wine together with international artists . His last work  as a director is the production of  Madre sin Panuelo by Jorge Palant  sponsored by the Argentian Embassy and  presented in Rome and Milan in the fall of 2015 .In Berlin, he was cast among other projects, in For the time being directed by Daniela Lucato that was presented at the 71st edition of the Cannes Film Festival.

Francesca Tasini

_D0B4755©Fabio Lovino

Francesca Tasini is an  actress , performer, teacher and educator based in Berlin . She studied at the University of Bologna where she obtained a  degree in Educational sciences . She also graduated at  the Theatre school Galante Garrone . While she was living in Bologna Francesca also learned how to make real pastasfoglia and ragù alla Bolognese that she likes to teach and make for others .  Francesca also lived in Swiss where she obtain a degree in Physical Theater at the University of theater and movement Dimitri , a master in “Clown ” as a form of education for adults studying with by Professor Alessandra Farneti and the clown Andrea Casaca. She  attended different seminars of mime and  dramatic movement in Berlin taught  by Oliver Pollack among others . She studied also circus  in Berlin and ,as a performer, she  also collaborated with Andre’ Casaca (Teatro C’ART). She had the opportunity to study differents disciplines such as dance, acrobatics,  improvisation,  Commedia dell’arte,  Masks making , rhythm, yoga, voice , aerobatic and speech studying with various masters as Nikole Kerbergher , Philippe Gaulier, Jean Martin Mocero and Antonella Astolfi. Francesca played in various performances directed by Tanja Kabharova (Derevo) ,  Jan Lauwers (Venice Biennale) ,Juan Diego Puerta Lopez and Francesco Zarzana. She teaches laboratories  for clown and physical theater  for disables , children and adults.She worked as a clown-therapist in differents schools in Rome and Bologna and she also studied film acting with differents master such as Jordan Bayne and John Strasberg. She played also in films .Francesca is also  a certified Ditals Italian language teacher  .She worked as a tour leader with differents Tour Operators in Rome and she speaks English, German and French.

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