Improvise Collecting of Landscape – paintings by Chung. April 13th, 14th , 15th

La Dolce Berlin is pleased to introduce our next exhibition

Improvise Collecting of Landscape – paintings by Chung.

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Fri APR13 6:00-10:00 PM
Sat APR14 2:00-10:00 PM
Sun APR15 5:00-09:00 PM


Türkenstraße 19, 13349 Berlin, Wedding.

Wines provided by


Artist statement

I think i have always questioned whether i wholeheartedly accepted the subjects i met.
I want to record my residence and its surroundings, which have changed constantly since my childhood and frequent moving and becoming an adult.
I wandered around various areas of Korea, Berlin documenting the landscapes.
When i laid out the photographs I could notice which things selected to look at and where my footsteps has stopped. seem to have remained in my memory as a kind of unknown oddness.
since then, I have worked with the theme ‘Improvise Collecting of Landscape’.
When I work I don’t really plan ahead. Everything is decided instantaneously in the process of my brush work.
I like the feeling of black and white. I think it is more abundant and it is a device that makes a Painting more like a Painting.
There is a certain sentiment that forms when the limited hues meet with the subject.
I like the feeling of black and white.

I also tend to purposely limit the use of colors The landscapes lonesome and with almost no movement.
As I painted certain landscapes. I thought I must stay with those landscapes while I painted them. I believe it is important to have a keen eye for the thing that enter my sight. I want to become an artist who paints them better.

The topic of translation is a very interesting subject for me.
The theme of my work is ‘Improvise Collecting of Landscape’.
When I encounter an impressive scene or subject. I tend to think a lot about.
I think that this topic always contains meaning and content of translation.
Collecting and translating the scenery and memories of my surroundings are important records and processes for me.

Artist Bio

Born in Seoul. south Korea. 1992

Based in Berlin

Grew up in Korea and studied Korean painting (Oriental traditional painting) in Seoul.
Since childhood, frequent residential movements have affected her.
She is aware what their home landscape, goes further expanded to record them in their own identity and culture and surroundings. This build her recording sessions
She paints a painting using the ink of the traditional oriental materials.
moved to Berlin(2016) and recorded western and oriental gazes and landscapes.

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